Want to Reach Financial Freedom in 10 Years or Less?

"How to Reach Financial Freedom 4x Faster than Traditional Financial Planning Regardless of Where You’re Starting or Your Level of Expertise"

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Achieve Financial Freedom Through Cash Flow Hacking
Increase Your Lifestyle While You Build Your Wealth
Position Yourself to Thrive in Market Downturn


Have easy access to your money in case of emergencies and opportunities
Not overpay in taxes
Use the investment strategy 90% of millionaires use
Stop guessing at the best vehicles to protect and grow your money
Mike Wolf - Real Estate Expert
I have been teaching people how to achieve financial freedom with passive income for 15 years.  The concepts Chris and Cole cover in Cashflow Hacking is exactly the path to reach financial freedom faster.

You deserve peace of mind and a plan that will protect your family and grow your wealth

Today you need to be more savvy than ever if you try to go at it alone

Losing money to inflation, taxes, and just poor investment strategies is leaving you frustrated, feeling out of control and not knowing where to turn. To add to the problem, the market is flooded with advisors who have outdated advice that does not place your best interests first, but instead focuses on charging you a fee that creates guaranteed cash flow for them.


We believe this is wrong and that your security and best interests should be placed first. We believe you should be in a position where you control your money, your money doesn't control you. We understand because we talk with hardworking people everyday that are losing money in the markets based on old information and feel like they are guessing at the best course of action. 

We created the Cashflow Hacking plan to help you have security and control of your money to take advantage of life's opportunities because you deserve peace of mind with your wealth. The old way of planning for retirement of… Go to school Get a job & save as much as you can in your 401k and mutual funds...is broken. 

You have been lied to. Think about it, where else in life does someone tell you that the most certain way to achieve your desired result is to take on more risk? The math just doesn't work, and the results are showing in our country and world. Did you know that 90% of millionaires in the United States have 1 asset in common.

Hint: it's not stocks or mutual funds (and no...it's not crypto). 

How much sense does it make for you to work hard, save money, reduce your current lifestyle (because that's what you are doing when you save for the future - taking money you could use on lifestyle today and delaying gratification to a future unknown time), and hope that whatever you are doing will work three to four decades from now? If you're thinking, "not much sense at all…", you are in the right place.

With over 50 years of experience on our team, we have worked with thousands of individuals and families to achieve financial freedom faster and with more predictability by helping them invest for Cash Flow.

How does the Cash Flow Hacking Plan work? 

  • Get Your Free Copy of Cashflow Hacking

  • Take the Cash Flow Hacking Challenge

  • Work with a Cash Flow Hacking expert to provide you a customized plan

  • Reach financial freedom 4x faster than traditional financial planning

Your customized Cash Flow Hacking plan will give you clarity on where you are now, where you want to go (and in what time frame), and what you need to do to get there predictably.

We value and commit to you: 

We believe you deserve the best financial education and guidance 

We believe financial decisions should not be rushed but be well thought out with a plan 

We believe you should be in control of your money 

We believe we earn your trust through time, education, and proper due diligence 

We believe that without a proper plan and guidance, your money can be lost to taxes, inflation, and bad investments 

We believe you deserve more with the most up-to-date strategies to mitigate your risk, control your money, and earn stable returns regardless of the market 

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